Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What Is A Stroke?

Expressive aphasia commonly occurs in patients who have experienced a stroke. Most people have head the term stroke used many times, but may not know exactly what a stroke entails. I am one of those people so I decided to do some research on the topic to get a better understanding as to why a stroke would cause someone to suffer from expressive aphasia. A stroke occurs when a blood clot forms in  blood vessel or artery, therefore brain cells begin to die thus causing brain damage. Depending on what area of the brain is damaged, there will be different effects from a stroke. In the case of patients suffering from aphasia, the speech section of their brain (shown to the right in orange). More that 2/3 of people who suffer from a stroke will experience some sort of disability afterwards. Here is a video of a man who suffered from a stroke, and as a result developed expressive aphasia. You can see the effects that a stroke have on this man, even after 7 years.


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